Assessing spare part requirements is important when considering the availability of a system and deciding the optimum maintenance task. A structured approach to spare parts analysis, enables an organization to perform planned and corrective maintenance, while mitigating excess inventory and system downtime costs.  Some of the challenges in the industry include:

  • Donwtime or loss production due to lack of spares and inventory

  • Pressure to reduce inventory costs

  •  Inability to justify crease in materials holdings for critical spares

What we offer

We have successfully implemented a customized tool that works with extracts from our clients CMMS, looks at asset criticality, determines potential consequences from engineering assessments to determine optimal inventory levels for our clients. This exercise incorporates large amount of data into an algorithm where the criteria used is set based on the unique business needs of our clients. The end result is a quantitive assessment of the spare inventory levels and optimized inventory numbers.