Most asset intensive industries face challenges in managing and optimizing the asset performance. Although each industry and each organization have their own set of problems, most can be summarized as below:


  • Difficulty in identifying the failure modes and mechanisms that compromise performance

  • Unclear on what failure modes to target to improve reliability

  • Trouble identifying where to target reliability improvement

  • No connection between maintenance tasks and the failure modes they are looking to address

  • You don’t know why you are performing the current tasks in your maintenance plans

  • You are experiencing failures which don’t seem to be addressed

The FMECA-based RCM process ensures that each and every maintenance task, forming the maintenance plan, is technically feasible, and worth doing. This appraoch clearly identify the failure modes of an asset, and the effect of failure in the event of occurrence. This risk can be quantified, using the likelihood of failure of the failure mode. Ranking by the highest risks, appropriate tasks can be implemented to address high risks that may not have occurred yet.

What we offer

We have developed deep expertise in maintenance plan development and review using the sound, structured principles of Reliability Centered Maintenance. Through our extensive project and engineering team experience, PSRAM Consulting has built significant experience applying the principles of RCM, with the insights gained from operational data, to deliver defensible and solid maintenance plans.