Asset owners need effective methods to assess and select the right initiatives for production gains or operating cost reduction. Are you facing:

  • Pressure on all existing assets and future developments to increase performance and minimize operating and capital costs

  • Lack of understanding of integrated system performance

  • Inability to accurately forecast availability and/or capacity given the equipment selected and maintenance plans deployed


Performance forecasting is an essential service to support decision-taking in the concept, design and operational phases of an asset, meeting the production efficiency challenge by enhancing operational performance.

What we offer

Our unique methodology forecasts the long-term performance of complex assets by using state of the art software to produce dynamic models of facilities and generate a quantitative picture of performance for the entire life cycle. 

We are a strong proponent of using RAM analysis in all phases of design and operations, to ensure any production bottlenecks is clearly identified, its impact quantified and any potential solutions modeled to enable the best decision for the our clients. Our team has developed a focused approach that helps us build a representative model of our clients operations. Our approach also provides clients a template to collect failure data for future studies and analytics based on ISO 14224.

In our opinion, RAM models are the most under utilized tools for decision making, especially during operations.