Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


  • Lack of visibility for your maintenance spend and bad actors

  • In effective work prioritization leading to poor focus on critical jobs

  • Poor schedule compliance and planning

  • Inadequate feedback for analysis and improvement

  • Lack of governance and accountability

  • Poor inventory management due to no visibility of what spares are required and when

  • No formal structure to initiate a work request, capture key insights for analytics and monitor equipment performance

  • Lack of clarity on maintenance spend and equipment failure hsitory

  • Maintenance activity becomes opinion based rather data driven


An end to end business process mapping and training in accordance to your Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) set up for the effective and efficient execution of maintenance work. This includes:

  • Work Identification and prioritization

  • Work Planning

  • Work Scheduling

  • Work Execution

  • Close out and Reporting

  • MRO and Inventory Management

  • Reliability and Asset Strategy Development

What we offer

The deliverable from this exercise is an end to end business process that enables the maintenance team to understand how to manage their time, minimize downtime and optimize maintenance costs. We deliver customized processes and training programs to help our clients sustain and measure their maintenance business processes.