There are so many decisions you have to make when striving to improve reliability that requires prioritization. Some of these maybe:

  • How do I help senior management understand the current business risks

  • Which projects identified in my "bad actor" list do I work on first

  • Which assets do I include in detailed RCM analysis

  • Which assets do I include in the condition monitoring program

  • Which spares do I need to keep on hand and how many

  • How do I prioritize work requests


So how do you make those decisions. The answer is asset criticality assessment. 


By identifying the characteristics that make each asset critical, the analysis will also provide valuable information to decide what actions will reduce risk for all plant assets.

What we offer

Our team provides a structured approach to this foundational assessment that helps our clients to quickly determine the best course of actions for their assets to minimize risk and optimize cost. Gathering input from operations, maintenance, engineering, materials management and EH&S representatives can replace individual perceptions of criticality with agreement and better understanding. As the cross-functional team identifies characteristics significant to the business, everyone learns from others’ points of view