What is CMMS?

A CMMS is software that helps organizations plan, track, measure, and optimize everything to do with maintenance on a digital platform.

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) helps facilities organize and manage preventive maintenance tasks, inventory, safety, and more. It’s a big part of developing better maintenance practices, proving the value of maintenance, and the fuel used by production facilities to drive better results.

 What does CMMS do?

CMMS software simplifies every step of the maintenance work management process.

  • Managers can build, review, prioritize, assign, and track work orders from their desktop, mobile phone or tablet. Operators can also submit work requests.

  • Preventive maintenance can also be scheduled by setting up time, usage or condition-based maintenance triggers.

  • Technicians are alerted of new work orders and can see key details, like checklists, asset manuals, and repair histories.

  • Technicians can mark a job as complete, input notes, and switch the status of an asset from offline to online so operators are alerted.

  • Managers are notified of completed work orders, and can file them away to use in reports whenever they need to

  • Provide meaningful report and information based on historic data to drive decisions

  • Automate inventory purchasing so you can have the right parts, at the right time, and in the right amount

  • Log every spare part and rotating asset across your company. Make notes on where parts are stored, purchase dates, how to use them, and their availability at other sites

  • Provide the proof needed to achieve ISO certification with archived work orders, task lists, and photos attached to work orders

 What we offer

We work with major CMMS vendors across the globe to implement fit for service application based on clients need. We act as functional experts to develop all business requirements and translate it into technical requirements for the CMMS vendors. We have experience in developing a framework and evaluating various CMMS applications to provide the best solution for our clients. Our experts are experienced with variety of CMMS applications and are skilled to ensure our clients get best value for their investment. In addition that, please click here to learn about Maintenance Work Management services